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A rose is still a rose...

My husband has had a Chinese name for a while now. His name is 
谢钧福. He picked the surname Xie 谢 because it means "to thank" and we are very thankful to have the opportunity to live in China. Fu 福 means luck or blessing. He originally chose Xie Fu, but our Chinese friends told him it sounds a little incomplete, so they added Jun 钧 in the middle to make it sound better.

I've always wanted the surname 谢 too, but wasn't quite sure what to choose for the given name. I really like the sound of Min, and it reminds me of a character from Wheel of Time that I like a lot, too. I just wasn't sure if I wanted to choose any of the characters with the sound of Min, or whether or not they could be girl's names. Recently though, I've been leaning towards taking 敏 (
quick / nimble / agile / clever / smart) as my given name. So my name would be 谢敏 Xie Min. I am looking for some feedback about whether or not this sounds "strange" to Chinese people. According to the Chinese Name Gender Guesser, (thanks Albert for the tip) it is a female name, so that's something, anyway! What do you think?

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