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Links and Leases

My friend Marian is just setting off from Beijing on an epic bike ride through the Chinese countryside. She plans to ride for 
months and end up back home here in Haikou. Check out her trip blog - it's lots of fun!

In other news, Erik and I have put down a small deposit to hold an apartment on 和平路. It's got wood floors! Three bathrooms! Servant's quarters! Ok, well the servants' quarters are really just a tiny room and attached bathroom for a 保姆 to use. Since we don't have any current need for a live-in nanny (unless you know something we don't know?) and it's just off the kitchen, we plan to convert that to a walk-in pantry. If all goes well, we'll sign a lease tomorrow and likely move in a few weeks. Photos coming soon!

In the meantime, here are a few photos from places we decided NOT to rent...

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