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Handicap-accessible taxis

While doing research for my rant on unavailable taxis the other day, I came across this article about handicap-accessible taxis in Haikou. There is really very little that is handicap accessible in Haikou, a point that was hammered home to me recently, as I had a wheel-chair bound houseguest for about 5 weeks. There were so few places she could go, and so few viable ways to get there. Even our own apartment isn't REALLY handicap accessible, although we have an elevator you need to climb up one flight of stairs in order to access it. 

Anyway, I'd seen these unusual looking taxis around town but never managed to hail one. According to the article, there are two of them operating in Haikou, and if you require one you can call 66790678 and they will come pick you up. They have been in service for over a year now, though, and according to a friend who rode in one recently (they also pick up regular passengers when not on a handicap-related call) they are starting to show quite a bit of wear. Still, shabby handicap-accessible taxis are better than no handicap-accessible taxis, 是不是? Hopefully the city will update these two and perhaps add a few more in the future!


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